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is spinny thingy (as to not spoil it), the ending?

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Spinny thingy? The face? (Email me if this is who I think it is.)


Nice, I've seen gravity switching mechanics but I like the springs, and the graphics are fun too

Thank you! People seem to like the springs and art. I'm glad you do too!


Liking this a lot, especially the spring mechanic!

Thanks! I was trying to think of some way for the player to come back down to solid ground so I thought of a spring! Glad you like it!

Wish there were some checkpoints or a way to get health back.  

Yeah I wanted to add some but I didn't want to run into complications. Thanks for checking it out!

(PS: Did you beat it?) 


No, it was too hard for me.  Hence why I needed checkpoints.  

Well thanks for trying!

This is great! Would love to see this expanded in the future. :)


If you don't mind me asking, have you seen many games in the jam that are platformers without gravity? I saw one besides this one. (I'm hoping that it's not a super popular idea) Thanks!