READ BEFORE PLAYING: Sometimes the browser version won't play music. If this happens just reload or download one of the files below to play offline. Also, I made a post jam version with checkpoints: (You may want to try that one afterwards. This one is really hard.)

This is a game made for the 2018 game maker's toolkit game jam. 

This is a platformer without gravity so you must be careful of where you jump!

Fight robots and watch out for spikes as you go to turn the artificial gravity back on in your spaceship.

Thanks to Mark Brown for hosting this jam!

I made everything except for the music. That was done by Kevin MacLeod.

Oh yeah for those of you on discord I'm Vincent. Just wanted to make that clear.

Thanks for checking it out! (Don't forget to vote please! (If you want to))

You can also play this on the Scirra Arcade for whatever reason:

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Download 80 MB
Download 76 MB
Download 68 MB
Download 72 MB


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is spinny thingy (as to not spoil it), the ending?

(1 edit)

Spinny thingy? The face? (Email me if this is who I think it is.)


Nice, I've seen gravity switching mechanics but I like the springs, and the graphics are fun too

Thank you! People seem to like the springs and art. I'm glad you do too!


Liking this a lot, especially the spring mechanic!

Thanks! I was trying to think of some way for the player to come back down to solid ground so I thought of a spring! Glad you like it!

Wish there were some checkpoints or a way to get health back.  

Yeah I wanted to add some but I didn't want to run into complications. Thanks for checking it out!

(PS: Did you beat it?) 


No, it was too hard for me.  Hence why I needed checkpoints.  

Well thanks for trying!

This is great! Would love to see this expanded in the future. :)


If you don't mind me asking, have you seen many games in the jam that are platformers without gravity? I saw one besides this one. (I'm hoping that it's not a super popular idea) Thanks!